A Cappuccino Studios Production, Written By Danny Sunley, Directed by Dean Harris

You’re Fired!!

The early summer of 2005 was a strange one for Dryfield, a small town nestled in the northern part of East Yorkshire. One night in June, a man; a milkman to be more precise is murdered in ‘cold milk’. Shot in the kitchen of his lover’s house, as she unknowingly enjoys a cigarette upstairs in bed….

It was also a very strange one for three very different individuals. When a series of coincidences would change their lives forever.

Eddie Ball – A bouncer at the towns only pub/club gets ‘let go’ from his employer, the reason being he bounces too much, (and too hard).

Billy Williams – A ‘sport-hating’ local sports journalist with the nickname of ‘Dodge’ quits after a contra-ton with the towns Rugby captain.

Naomi Nightingale – A girl with a seemingly perfect life, is jilted at the alter, her would-be fiance having done a runner without even a phone call.

As the three go to the pub to drown their sorrows, the jilted bride gets drunk, the journalist tries to console her, and the bouncer tries to talk his way into another form of employment. A private detective agency. The morning-after, the journalist is nursing a hangover with two new flatmates; the bride trying to re-build her life, and an-exbouncer. This would be easy to deal with, and even the make-shift detective agency set up in his bathroom could be taken in his stride….until their first customer calls, that very morning.

Their client: Helen Dalton. An attractive, distressed woman, whose lover was brutally murdered in her kitchen. She wants the killer found and will pay handsomely for it. Well…what are two broke, unemployed men supposed to do?

But now, the bodies are starting to pile up, there’s something odd about the milk deliveries, and time is running out.

Eddie is thinking this the start of a great business venture, Naomi is thinking she’s like to know where her fiance is, and Dodge is thinking he’d like to go home now…

Welcome to You’re Fired!! A place where the coffee tastes great, but the milk tastes like murder!