Katerina Gouskos as “Susan Berry”

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Susan is best friend to Naomi, who also happens to run the local café left to her by her father. Which incidentally will soon become the new local hang out of the recently unemployed. A self made business woman, who’s age belies her demeanor. After helping to nurse Naomi’s wounds of rejection she teams up with her and Naomi’s two new flat mates and almost seems takes the role of big sister to the group,  while simultaneously knocking numerous advances from Eddie. She is smart, unassuming, and takes everything in her stride, and also has her suspicions about the case that Dodge and Eddie have taken.

She is the last to panic in a crisis, which is refreshing because her new friends are usually the first.

Likes: common sense, murder mysteries, ice-cream
Dislikes: sarcasm, guns, vanity

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