Helen Mutch as “Naomi Nightingale”

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Naomi; the perfect girl next door, was having the perfect day, a perfect wedding dress, and the perfect man, until he didn’t turn up…ever.

Despite the fact that Naomi is in a fragile rejected state she tries to remain cheerful and constructive. Easy going, she find herself tagging along with two odd-characters she meets in the local pub while drowning her sorrows on her would-be honeymoon. After moving in with Dodge and Eddie she humours the idea of the home-run detective agency and even begins to chip in, (though one wonders if it is all just a distraction). She is intelligent, with a sunny disposition, and a kind nature, and could possibly get her two housemates to track down her run-away fiancee when they are not to busy running around after renegade milkmen.

Also, she is a little defensive when it comes to Dodge.

Likes: Cafés, Shopping, Reading.
Dislikes: Lecherous Men, Fast Food, Liars.

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