Robert Stone as “Eddie Ball”

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Eddie Ball worked as a bouncer in the local nightclub filled with the obligatory drunken youth culture, he didn’t care much for his customer base and doesn’t mind showing it – hence why he was fired. Even though he doesn’t talk tough, Eddie is last to run from a fight. He always acts first and thinks second, and worry about the consequences later (if at all).
After his abrupt  unemployment and consequent chance meeting in the pub he manages to find alternative accommodation by talking his way into the sharing a flat with a young man by the strange name of ‘Dodge’.

He’s a kind hearted powerhouse who’s morals are (almost) in the right place, and with all this ‘work’ he’s doing for the town, there’s no problem taking a cut for himself, is there?

Likes: Money, Women, Beer.
Dislikes: Being Bored, Teenagers, Rules.

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