Danny Sunley as Billy ‘Dodge’ Williams

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Billy Williams; known as ‘Dodge’ to his friends (though the origin of his nickname is unknown)  was a sports writer for the local newspaper and was renowned throughout the town for hating sports. He quit his job after an altercation with the local rugby captain.

He is creative and dreams of becoming a writer. Despite his somewhat cynical manner,  incessant moaning and sarcastic comments, there is nothing he enjoys more than having an audience to moan to and will stop at nothing to help a friend while at the same time constantly trying to shirk the ‘nice guy/9 stone weakling’ image he personifies. He is also an avid mechanic and has a slight obsession with his car.

Additionally, Dodge has a criminal record for an incident involving a mascot costume at a under 12’s five a side football match a year ago.

Likes: Popcorn, Coffee, Tropical Fish.
Dislikes: Outdoor Sports, Mud, Office work.

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